The Radiomuseum -  A unique museum

Since 1988, on “Tändsticksområdet”  in Jönköping lies Sweden's probably most extensive Radio and Technology Museum. The museum's collection consists of about 3,300 units, of which about 1000 are on display. More than 90 years of Radio and Technology history  meets you in this unique museum. We are open year round.

On display in the museum

Watch and listen to the broadcast radiohistory from the 1920s to today.
phonograph with wax-cylinders.
Gramophones, wire and tape recorders.
TVs and VCRs.
Mobile phone development over 50 years.
PMR for the Air Force, Army and Navy.
Measuring instruments.
Old office machines.

The museum building

You will find us not far from the Matchmuseum which is located just west of the Railway station. The Matchmuseum is marked on the touristmap of Jönköping.